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What are Mysteries about Kratom (mitragyna speciosa)?

This evergreen plant that’s mostly found in the tropical region is sometimes called kratum. The plant, of the family of coffee known as rubiacea, is believed to have a medicinal purpose, especially in its leaves. It is a plant that has its history of origin in Indochina, Malaysia, floristic regions and South East Asia, Myanmar. These countries plant and value this tree because; over a long period they have used it to moderate several body conditions. Although, with the history from this kratom growing countries, it was used as a stimulant to relieve mainly the laborers of this country of the pain after their hard daily work.

How is kratom taken?

This plant, very precious in the growing regions is mainly valued for its leaves. Since from history, the leaves were chewed and served the purpose of substituting opium. That means the plants leaves serve the purpose of providing the workers with the energy to work harder and to relieve them of muscle strains.

How is kratom used?

Back to the history of the plant in Thailand and Malaysia, the plants leaves were first extracted then the midribs removed, and the leaves chewed. This chewing is still a practice with most people today who claim the plant to be very effective when the leaves are eaten raw.

Some people, who may have limited accesses to the plant, prefer to dry the leaves and preserve it for further use. The dried leaves can still be chewed and yield the desired effects although people prefer the raw ones since the dried ones are hard to eat.

The opium paste is sometimes obtained through evaporation. The steam from the leaves is extracted and then condensed. It’s then preserved for further use as a paste, powder or capsules. This paste can still be used by simply licking it or may be mixed with other concoctions and taken as food. For example, this paste can be mixed with tea and be taken as a beverage. Sometimes honey or sugar is added to it t make it tasty and palatable. However the paste most of the time is mixed with hot water and taken as the tea.

Kratom leaves are sometimes crushed into powder. The powder yielded is then mixed with water, and it’s gulped down just before it settles down.

Which is the best form of kratom?

Many users have several arguments about the best and most substantial form of kratom. It’s out of this primary concern that we bring to you the strongest kratom with relevance to the situation it was used in

Kratom mitragynine and hydroxymitragynine are so far the best forms of this plant that serves the purpose of pain relieving.

Which is the strongest energy giving kratom?

The Malaysian, Thai and Maeng Da are the forms of Kratom that bring energy to the body although Maeng Da is considered the strongest energy giving followed by Thai then Malaysian.

Most powerful analgesia kratom for this purpose, Bali and Borneo are the best flowed by the Maenga Da then Indo and finally the Malaysian.

The best kratom for mood are; Maeng Da, Bali & Borneo and indo & Malaysian, all arranged in order starting with the strongest.

Out of these several uses, its overlay knows that Maeng Da is the best kratom followed by Bali & Borneo and finally Malay & Indo.

The concentration of each form of extracted kratom is also a basis for the strength of kratom. The concentration in each for is a major factor, and the raw leaves may have the strongest concentration of kratom.

Where can kratom be purchased from?

Base on the debates and legality of the plant in some countries, it’s so hard to get an open market for kratom. There also exists very powerful over counter drugs that still serve the purpose of kratom yet it aren’t sold over the counter. However you can still do an online purchase of any form of kratom, be it powder, capsules or paste. Still kratom can be spotted in head shops in parts of USA and Europe. Tracing the shops may be very tiresome hence online purchasing is the best alternative.

Does Kratom have health?

Kratom being a sedative and stimulant, it’s been known to make the body less sensitive to physical strain and emotional pain. Moreover using it brings about body itching or sweating and nausea. It also results to over stimulation that may be characterized by over talking.

Is Kratom a marvelous pain reliever?

Kratom is magnificent to make the body less sensitive hence effective for pain relief. However, to the contrary with the many people believe, kratom has no medicinal purpose to cure any illness.

Can kratom use be addictive?

This plant causes minimal addiction to its users who may result from the varying desired effects obtained from it. Some people may want to continue to use it so as to continue enjoying the yielded results. It’s also very addictive, and withdrawal from it has great havoc to the body functionality. The addiction can be intensified through mixing it with metabolites.

What are the safety measures with using Kratom?

Kratom should be used in small quantity as it yields marvelous results. It should be avoided d when facing tough task since it may overstrain the user and lead to muscle waste.

Is kratom use legal in the whole world?

Out of the many countries that exist, only Australia, Burma Malaysia and Thailand consider the use of Kratom illegal. With other countries, it’s stimulated massive debates because of its increasing extensive use.

What are Kratoms active constituencies?

The primary constituents of this plant are alkaloids although the plant has effects as those of marijuana and cocaine.

Can kratom be seen with the drug test?

However for kratom users it’s such a relief for them since kratom can never be detected with the drug tests. The plant does not have same chemical structure as that of the illicit narcotics like marijuana

Can Kratom be cultivated?

This plant can be grown although should be provided with the conditions of warm, humid tropical condition from which it originated. Although it’s very hard to find the seed of the plant since they don’t stay viable, the plant can still be cultivated anywhere else.

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