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Terms Of Use

“We Know How To Protect Your Privacy And We Have Strong Belief In Personal Privacy Protection”

If you are going to use the content and information shared on Qkratom then first you have to read terms of use to clear your all doubts before any misconception. If you disagree with our any of terms and conditions then you can leave the website or you can use “Contact US service for more updates and information.

Qkratom is promise to give health information to online users and keeps some terms and conditions for its every visitors. Website can change or update its terms and conditions with the passage of time and it recommends its old visitors to check their terms of use every time to avoid any privacy mishap or other misunderstanding with this site.

Not Professional Medical Advisor:

Qkratom is cleared with its motive to share only medical information to the visitors not to give them professional medical advice, treatments, medicine recommendation or other medical advice. We advise our visitor read the content just to get help in understanding about major health problems or information shared here not for practical use. If you have some medical problem or medical emergency then you should contact with your doctor or any relevant physician to get treatment or medical aid on right time. If you are living in U.S then you can call at 911 for immediate medical aid in medical emergency. If you have read some medical information here then don’t try without consulting with your physician and don’t relay or disagree with your medical consultant only because you read something at this website.

Children Should Avoid Our Content:

Our website is keeping privacy policy for children under 13 years old. The data or content we share on our website may have medical- health information that are sexual categorical so these kind of information is not for children. As our website don’t collect personal identifying information from visitor so, unable to identify children under 13.

Use Of Our Content:

We recommend our every visitor to use our content to take information on shared health problem to get acknowledgement about the myths and facts. You can download single copy of our content just for your personal use and not for commercial purpose. The content and information shared on our site keeps copyright trademark under the legal statements and United State laws. The content is only allowed to use by qkratom itself and its licensor’s. If someone will violate the terms and conditions by sharing our content with copyright trademark, or change or update our information the content will be report by us under law and statements. The shared content will be terminate or destroyed.